Product Manufacturers – Finding a Manufacturer For Your Product

What Is Their Reputation? – Before anything else, reputation comes first. Do your part to research the reputation of any manufacturer you’re considering working with. Look at things like reliability, past successes (and failures), and standing in the manufacturer’s respective industry. Look for both positives and negatives, remembering that consumers are more likely to complain than they are to compliment. The Better Business Bureau is probably the best known source for this kind of information, but there are many other resources available online that you can use to judge a company’s reputation.

What Are Their Costs?

If you’re putting in the time and money to seek out a manufacturer to create your product, chances are you’re looking to realize at least a modest profit off your idea. You’ll find a lot of variation in what companies will charge to manufacture your product and that’s something you’ll need to consider in deciding on which to use. Make sure you look not only at the per-unit production cost but also at the cost of shipping, packaging, and any other fees the manufacturer may charge.

Product Manufacturers - Finding a Manufacturer For Your Product

Are They Interested in Your Product?

If you’ve had the opportunity to speak with a manufacturing company representative about your product, think about the response. A company that’s really interested in your product will not only manufacture it but also work with you to come up with ways to improve it. You want to find a manufacturer in China that’s on your side in every way. one that really wants your product to succeed. In the end, that means a better business relationship, and more money for both of you.

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