PCB Development

PCB development has been increased a lot over the last decades. Not a wonder looking at the huge amount of printed circuit boards used in our current digital area.

PCB development is something for specialists. You need to have a lot of knowledge about a PCB to develop a good working board. Printed Circuit Boards are now present on the market for about a half century. They had rapid risings in production amounts but also some falls. In the early 1950’s the copper clad plates and laminated copper foil adhesion strength was sufficiently under control. The performance became very stable. This was a major achievement of the industrialized production of PCB’s.

Later development had additions such as the one sided PCB to the metal two sided PCB. Thin holes, high reliability, low costs and automated production made it possible to produce those boards very efficient in large amounts. These day’s printed circuit boards have become very mature due to this PCB development.

PCB Development

To find the right company for PCB manufacturing it is very important to be sure your supplier has enough expertise in manufacturing these boards. Especially in China it can be a struggle to find the right manufacturer for your printed circuit boards.

Therefore it can be a real advantage when you can get in contact with a local westerner living and working in China being a printed circuit board expert. Such an expert working for many years in printed circuit boards and knows China very well. Living in the central production location of these PCBs, is a perfect choice to let the production of your printed circuit boards guided by local expert to secure the quality.

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