EMS Service PCB Bom Gerber Files

The Gerber files for the printed circuit board design provide Materials Management with the information they need to get raw prices and lead times from PCB manufacturers. Gerber files also provide the Manufacturing Group with the information needed to develop the manufacturing plan; they are components only at the top or top and bottom of the board; surface mounting, through holes or mixed component types; required wave soldering or reflow oven processes, etc.

The manufacturing group also needs to estimate the time to program the component placement equipment and load the components into the placement feeders, installation costs, costs to order the solder paste stencils, and also quantify test plans, procedures, and required. To properly position the components on the printed circuit board with each component properly oriented, providers of electronic manufacturing services will need screen-printing files to know the correct orientation of the parts on each side of the board. The screen glue file for surface mount applications will be required to order the stencils for the application of solder paste on the board prior to placement of parts.

EMS Service PCB Bom Gerber Files

All this may seem like a lot of information, but each piece is needed to provide the most economical price for the finished product. Fortunately, Gerber files are usually readily available in the PCB design system, since the Gerber format is the industry standard output format. The BOM is usually in the form of an Excel worksheet or formal drawing. Help your EMS provider by providing the approved vendor name and part number for each component.

In short:

  • The information needed to prepare a precise quotation for a typical printed circuit board assembly design include:

-Definition of the method of inventory, consignment, partial consignment or turnkey.

-Complete Bill of Material with at least one manufacturer’s name and part number for each component, along with notes identifying any components to be supplied by the customer.

-Gerber files for printed circuit board designs.

-Estimated annual use, UAE, quantities and release quantities.

-Name of the technical contact person along with your telephone number, fax number and email address.

  • Additional information that may be helpful if you have available:

-Mounting, schematic and PCB drawings.

– Simple board assembly or prototype board assembly for review.

-Testing requirements and procedures required by the customer.

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